Once Upon a time…We got enlightened to create a world where dreams have no limit. As dream-doers, we dream it and create it to supply you with our good vibes

We are in a small town in the Mediterranean Coast of Spain with a strong background in art, design, ads and illustration. We are very much inspired by beautiful sun-kissed colours, lightness, rounded objects, organic form, multiplicity and classic patterns. Under the motto: “May I never rest until my Good becomes Better and my Better becomes Best”, we play hard to inspire our world with fresh, colourful, fun and positive vibes.

As a parallel dimension of our life, the Creamlovers’ world is a way to spicy up our daily routine with true values by illustrative art. Our goal is to sell products we love, create workplace we love and inspire our customers to share good vibes to those they also love. We just love what we do. We believe this is the time to be imaginative and creative and have fun with our visioning while taking small tangible action aligned to our believes.

The Team


Creative Director

– What worries you, masters you! (Locke) –

A Ghanian born living in Spain. During her college and university clases, she filled all the pages of her notebook with funny illustration. She wanted to create a positive mental attitude which dynamically modify negative thoughts into a lively and energetic world. She knew her reality  was crafted her imagination. She is always curios and her constant work drove her to create a world of her own. [email protected] . Instagram


Web Developer & Designer 

– Even the longest journey begins with a single step (Japanese Proverb) –

Born in Spain, he has always loved art and got his fingers dipped in all types of paints.  As a grahic designer, programmer and illustrator, Jose Miguel has been at the service of different creative departments. Currently, he develops his work as UX web and app designer. He has always had in mind a very clear and simple way to express himself so as his works. Many are the reason he collaborates as a part time web developer at the Creamlovers but his true passion is to continue learning everyday and being part of a crazy world! [email protected] . Linkedin