Mesa de trabajo 49-100

Willing to undertake new and daring situations

Am Little Dragon, a mythical monster. I am a small-winged reptile with my love balloon. I never knew my real family, who were known to be adventurous. Am seeking for my origins and trying to know what happened to my predecessors. Am not a trouble maker but I alway find my self in trouble. Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 47-100

Am a Survivor!

Indeed am a survivor. Hello there, I am Dolly! Before coming out of my shell I had no self-confidence until I met Little Dragon. Guess what? Since then I have learnt how to be daring, intrepid, courageous, brave, valiant and fearless. I never knew my parent and Little Dragon is the only Dragón I know. He helps me a lot in my adventures and…I only give him problems, as he says!

Mesa de trabajo 34-100

Sloth-Motion in Action!

Am not lazy person, just am a slow thinker and dower! Hey there, Am Hmmm. I may known to be quiet, unsocial, lazy, slothful, inactive, lethargic, drowsy and bla, bla, bla. 😴 Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 33-100

A Heavyweight Champion

Hi am Rocky, a potato family member. I love trying skills I haven’t, making me achieve new abilities. I persist and never give up. Even when the odds are stacked against me, I work tirelessly until my goal is achieved. Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 37-100

I may not be perfect but am always me!

Yeahp! Am  Yaman and I don’t give a hell about what people say about me. Am known to be a very social person but I just can’t stop spitting when talking. I love hanging around with friends  but it seems my spitting problems irritate them. I know am not perfect so have I decided not to pay attention to what they say about me and just be me all the time. Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 36-100

The Pirate King

I was born to give out good vibes, I always knew that. I am the king of the seven seas, the ruler of the nine planets, the emperor of the desert, the strongest, the brave Soleil. My presence gives life, energy and power but I can also cause death, dryness and discomfort.  You can adore me or you can hate me. But you can not pretende you known nothing about me. All the seven seas get tranquil every time I rise up and spread out my good vibes. Am proud of my self as king and I do what pleases me, even if you disapprove it.Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 35-100

Hip Hip…Hurray! Hip Hip…Hurray!

Hello, we are the Cheer Up Makers. Our active months are October and November. For the rest of the year, we are in a dormant state. Our hibernate state is useful because we realised that life is too short to waste time on things that make us unhappy. During the rest of the year, we collaborate and stay together as a team because we believe we have more possibilities to survive by cheering each other up! Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 38-100

Sunny Bay Dreamers

We are the wild berries sisters living in a frozen yogurt. Looking for a sunny tropical bay is our strongest desire.  We have a positive feeling of success but many times, we also feel a little bit tired searching of our dreamed land. That’s when we take a step back to muscle up our emotional intelligence to proceed with the up coming adventures towards our destiny. Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 46-100

I have my head in the Clouds 

Hi, am Daisy. I believe am a bipolar daydreamer. If am in a good mood, I daydream all the time and I not really pay attention to what is happening around me. But when I feel gloomy, I just can’t stop crying. What a petty you will say. That’s no problem am just use to it. It just another way of living

Mesa de trabajo 39-100

Dealing without flinching 

Am Bochornoso and It’s a pleasure! I love big cities and am an urban dweller. Causing discomfort is my lifestyle. As a breakdancer contestant, I consider myself to be among the best B-boys with an unbeatable choreography. Yeah! I know I have got the moves!

Mesa de trabajo 32-100

Long live herbivorous eating habits!

Meet our Eggplant Vegans. They never knew they were vegans until one day they realised they have been eating vegetable their hole life time. All though they were criticised, they kept moving on with their aim of accepting theirselves as well as those who accept them. Read more stories

Mesa de trabajo 48-100

We fit together!

There is nothing better than a person that equals or resembles you in some respect. In fact we came from the same pod. We grew up together and went to the same college.  We have been friends for years so we decided  celebrating our friendship by create a own parade and organising along a street marchpast, accompanied by marching bands, floats, and large balloons.